Review of Skil and Central Machines small band saw machines

Using its cast structure and curvy design and style, the Skil 3386 is really a standout in this particular group of people. It provides a great mix of characteristics and gratification within an attractive package. The Skil’s alloy frame and kitchen table help in keeping this saw lighter weight than some of the other 9″ best band saws: a very good thing if you’re interested in avoiding back pressure when raising it. To maintain the saw into position during use, the frame is installed to a base made out of more heavy cast steel.

  1. Neighborhood Price: $129;
  2. True Neck Level / Maximum. Slicing Range: 9″ / 3-5⁄8″;
  3. Construction:Cast alloy structure and kitchen table;
  4. Electric motor Kind / Amperage / Blade Velocity: Induction / 2.5 amp / 2800 rpm;
  5. Desk Dimensions: 11-3⁄4″ x 12″;
  6. Blade Duration / Min.-Maximum. Widths: 59-1/2″ / 1/8″ – 3/8″;
  7. Blade Tutorials: Rubbing area instructions and ball thrust having;
  8. Anxiety Launch Handle / Light: No / Yes;
  9. Carrier & Pinion Table Lean / Upper Guide: Sure / Sure;
  10. Warranted: 1 season;
  11. Components Provided / Non-obligatory: Miter measure and rip fence;
  12. True Body weight: 30 lbs.

The steel pin friction aspect guides on the Skil 3386 are slightly bigger in size than similar models.

The metal pin rubbing part manuals about the Skil 3386 are slightly larger sized in diameter than related types.

The Skil’s general construction would seem good, along with the saw includes a guideline article created from cast alloy that believes very reliable. It adjusts up and down through a concentric kind of knobs, similar to the JET. However I located the Skil’s regulates a bit much easier to use. The 3386 utilizes metal rubbing-pin side blade tutorials, such as the other 9″ saws, although the Skil’s tutorials are bigger in size: 3 mm, rather than 2 mm, with greater established screws holding them set up. The 3386 lacks a blade tension release handle, but you can loosen the blade anxiety button at the conclusion of work treatment.

The 9″ Skil 3386’s miter gauge incorporates a bar using a T-molded information, to help keep it from picking up in the slot.

The 9″ Skil 3386’s miter determine incorporates a club having a T-shaped profile, to maintain it from weightlifting inside the slot.

Similar to the Main Devices and Ryobi saws, the 3386’s dinner table tilts for beveled slashes by way of a designed trunnion. The Skil utilizes concentric knobs that are easy to established, along with its perspective size is simpler to read compared to other two saws. It is really the only 9″ saw that is included with a rip fencing — a good add-on. Like the fencing about the 10″ saws, the Skil’s sealing handle secures the fence at both ends from the desk. In addition, the Skil’s table has scales inlaid at both ends, helping you to look into the parallelism from the fencing before sealing it.

I had a challenge using the saw’s miter determine, that has a bar that’s T-shaped in information, created to keep the nightclub from lifting out from the kitchen table port. Sadly, the Skil’s kitchen table port just has two sets of tabs to help keep the nightclub in place. Being used, the bar sometimes trapped on these tabs, stalling the cut.

Despite this shortcoming, the Skil performed perfectly in all of the my slicing checks, and may even resaw an oak strip as wide as its greatest cutting range (3-5⁄8″) without stalling. It jogged reasonably easily as well as the blade monitored adequately. One feature I really appreciated was the saw’s gooseneck mounted LED gentle.

Central Machinery

Central Machinery may be the Harbor Freight company’s home brand name, marketed through its merchants, catalogs and Internet product sales. If you want cast-iron equipment, you will much like the 96980. Its table is identical sizing as seen on other 9″ saws, yet it is a smooth-come up bit of cast steel. This does put substantially on the excess weight in the saw: it is 14 weight heavier in comparison to the lightest 9″ saw, the Skil.

The desk attaches on the body by way of a good designed trunnion assembly the Ryobi and Skil saws possess a similar installation. To change the table’s lean perspective, just loosen the table-sealing hand screw and rotate a knob to call inside the ideal position. There is also a flexible stop for quickly establishing the table rectangular on the blade — the job it’s bound to stay in quite often.

One quibble I have with this particular table is its area: It extends only 4-1⁄2″ ahead of the blade, whereas one other saws offer you 5-1⁄4″ of support. This doesn’t look like much, but I do see the reduction of assistance, especially when I cut longer workpieces.


Changed on, the Central Devices band saw has good general power and operates easily, having an appropriate top quality of cut. A compact issue I loved was the Central Machinery’s clear labeling of controls: blade stress and checking, guideline submit elevating/decreasing and fasten handles, etc. Despite the saw’s great characteristics and performance, one reservation I’d have in selecting this within the other designs is it only comes with a 90-working day warranty, not much in comparison to the one- to five-season extended warranties that include another benchtop band saws.

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