Explore These 11 Instagram Growth Services

It is not easy to maintain steady growth on Instagram. It is difficult to maintain a steady stream of followers, even if you try your best.

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An Instagram growth service is a great option if you want to grow your audience. A good one can transform any dribble into an enormous, surging stream. Here’s a list with the top Instagram growth services available right now to help you get started in your search.


SocialMeep offers the best Instagram growth services. Blogwerk SocialMeep uses AI-powered automation to help you reach thousands of engaged users every month. They only connect with accounts that are relevant to you. Their dashboard makes it easy to track growth and analyze with just a click.

SocialMeep has over 55,000 satisfied users who use it for their Instagram growth.


Growthoid, a manual Instagram growth platform, brings you real followers in an organic way. After you sign up, you will complete a brief survey. An agent will contact you to manage your account.

This service is not run by bots. All engagements are done manually by agents. Their top priority is safety.

There are two plans available. The first is $49 for getting you started. You can also purchase the $99 plan for serious growth.

3. Ektora

Ektora, a highly-featured Instagram growth tool, was launched in 2021 by a French startup. It’s definitely worth trying, as it’s completely free to sign up. Ektora interacts automatically with thousands of Instagram accounts every day, so you can gain hundreds of real followers.

We love the company‚Äôs transparency, the “Customer is King” philosophy and the easy onboarding. You don’t have to worry about being blocked or banned. The tool follows the Instagram Platform Policy.

Ektora offers scalable pricing, good analytics, high-quality targeting filters, and unique technology that produces fast results.

4. BigBangram

BigBangram claims to offer six services in one. They offer automated likes and follows, unfollows as well as direct messages, posts, comments, and posts. They allow for interactions with other users and also offer options for publishing and scheduling your content.

You can choose from a range of plans so that you can create your own package. You can customize the package to meet your needs and eliminate unnecessary features, which helps to reduce costs. You can also use their Comment Tracker and Posting Module to edit your photos and create captions ahead of time.

5. ViralRace

ViralRace is the best option if you are looking to increase your Instagram reach quickly. Their speed is unmatched. It takes only a few minutes to set up and you will receive your first batch of views, likes, and follows within one hour. You can also choose whether the delivery is instant or spread over a longer time.

The best part is that their methods are not artificial. ViralRace allows you to connect with real Instagrammers who will respond to your posts. It’s authentic and completely secure. This will ensure that your engagement rates will skyrocket within no time. ViralRace can help you land sponsorship deals or get your brand featured in the Discover page.

6. Kicksta

Kicksta is a great option for those on a budget. Their plans are remarkably cheap for the sheer amount of features that you get, one of which of course is being able to buy real instagram followers, and you can cancel at any time if you’re not happy with their service.

Kicksta offers three price options. There’s the Standard package, which includes automated activities, post scheduling and advanced targeting filters. For those looking for faster growth and the ability to create up to three Instagram accounts, Premium is the next option. Agency is for larger businesses, which can manage up to 10 accounts simultaneously and has a dedicated account manager.

7. Combin

Combin is a growth tool which is completely confident in the quality and reliability of their service. They offer their Starter plan completely free to prove its effectiveness. You don’t even need a credit card number. Although the daily actions are limited, they should give you an idea of Combin’s full potential.

After you’ve tried that out, you can upgrade to Brand24 Personal or Business plan, depending on how many accounts you need managed. You get unlimited actions and more search results.

8. Krootez

Krootez, a growth platform that is exclusively focused on Instagram for the past few years, provides everything you need to boost your account and posts. They promise that all followers, likes and views purchased from them are from real users. The platform’s algorithms work in harmony with their guidelines, making it safe. You can also take advantage of the free refill guarantee on their terms to let them do the heavy lifting and allow you to focus on your content.

Krootez accepts small orders starting at $1.99, and up to large orders. To discuss a custom service, or to improve your home before you make your purchase, get in touch with Krootez’s support officer. There are packages available for brands, influencers, and businesses. They will quickly solve any problem or answer your questions as they work round the clock.

9. Upleap

Upleap, which offers account managers, is another option worth considering. The setup process is similar to the one in the previous entry, but Upleap offers a 3-day free trial. You can test it out before you decide whether you want it to stay.

Upleap has Premium, Standard and Lite plans. This includes small businesses just starting out, influencers looking to move up, and businesses wanting to get to the top.

10. Instazood

Instazood’s pricing philosophy is “only pay what you need”. There are four models to their service. They have a Bot for automated Instagram followers, likes, unfollows, and comments. A Comment Tracker is used to organize and respond to comments made on posts. There’s also a Direct Messenger which can send welcome messages to followers and mass DMs.

They recently added a Post Manager service. It can store an unlimited number of scheduled posts that will be published at a later date. It can save drafts and automatically delete posts.

11. Popamatic

Do all these multi-tiered services seem overwhelming? Popamatic is a better choice. Popamatic only offers a single plan at an affordable monthly price. A seven-day trial is available, which gives them the opportunity to see substantial results.

Popamatic employs a group of skilled and knowledgeable assistants to help you find the right audience for your Instagram accounts. This is done purely by manual interaction. All interactions are organic.

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