The Best 4 Free Fax Apps for Android

If you have the necessary tool to do the job for you, you may now send a fax from your phone. Because their work is personal or professional, some people need to use secure apps. The same is true when it comes to faxing. If you’re seeking for ways to send faxes from an Android device in 2021, you’ve come to the correct place.
Here, we’ll go over all you need to know about using a fax service with only a mobile phone. Read this article all the way to the end to find out what we have in store for you.
The best 4 free fax applications for Android in 2021 are listed here. Take a look and pick the one that you believe best fits you.

1). CocoFax

There are a lot of apps out there, but none of them compare to CocoFax’s capabilities. When it comes to ease of use and high-quality performance, you won’t find anything better.
This application contains everything that users require in a high-tech fax service. There is also a free trial that you can use without investing any money, after which you can upgrade to the paid plan if you find it adequate for your fax’s needs.
The application makes it simple to find the fax you want without making things difficult for you. Users may quickly find the fax they’re looking for simply typing the title keyword into the search bar, and results will appear within a few minutes.
With this feature’s assistance, you may avoid the long-term problems that can arise while manually searching for the fax you’re looking for. It would be time-consuming and inconvenient, and there is always the risk of making a mistake.

Another feature that many people like about this fax service is the fact that it is ecologically friendly. With this service, you may eliminate the use of paper and go green. It helps you to demonstrate that you are a responsible citizen by reducing the usage of paper and automating the procedure.
This program enables you to complete commercial transactions in a matter of minutes. You no longer need to wait for the other party to review and sign the necessary paperwork because everything will be done automatically. You can quickly transmit the documents via fax and request that the other party mark them, as all of the work will be completed in a matter of minutes.
CocoFax is simple to use, and you may get the most out of it by using any type of electronic device. There is no need to obtain access to a specific one because they all function properly. It may be used with an iPhone, Android, computer, PC, Mac, tablet, and other devices.

With the help of CocoFax, faxing is safe and secure. As we all know, some individuals are concerned about their personal and professional information being exposed, and there is always the possibility of a catastrophe, but everything is safe with CocoFax. This fully secured program ensures that your work is completely secure. When it comes to CocoFax, there can’t be any privacy violations.

2) Click here to download. CamScanner

CamScanner is a document scanner application. Users can scan documents, forms, receipts, and other items according on their needs. After you’ve tried the free trial, you may upgrade to the paid version, which is equally affordable and doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money. You can fax it to more than 30 countries using this service.

3) Fax Genius

Genius Fax allows you to scan documents and save them to your phone using the scan app. You may then fax it out using the fax app. You can also pull files from other sources, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other application. Faxes are also available for those who require them. Users can also pay to rent a fax number in order to receive faxes from others on a temporary basis. It is straightforward and stress-free to use this service.

4) Faxing Made Simple

In the year 2021, this is the last fax service for faxing from an Android handset. You can, however, make advantage of their fax services in other ways. As a result, it is simple and basic to use for a variety of electronic gadgets. Because it does not require you to do anything complicated, anyone can make the app work for them.



We hope that this post has provided you with all of the information you require regarding some of the finest free fax apps for Android devices. Choose any of the programs listed above that you believe best suits your fax needs and begin using it for personal or professional purposes.
We are confident that you will not mind utilizing them because they are among the most reliable solutions available. Go ahead and tell us about your experience with the app you choose.

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